Our complete line of water soluble fertilizers designed specifically for turf management.


Product Design

These formulations were designed in conjunction with a golf course superintendent to ensure that they are tailored specifically to the needs of the end user. They've been designed to promote ease of use while still delivering a superior result.


These products benefit from the addition of L-Amino Acids. They deliver benefits both to our products and anything else you may use alongside them.

Nitrogen Sources

The nitrogen component of these products comes from varied sources in order to reduce the likelihood of growth surges. This keeps the growth and maintenance process consistent.


Key points of ENVY 18:

  • Packaged in 25# bags - for ease of application
  • One bag per acre supplies one tenth of a pound of Nitrogen and Potassium per thousand square feet - practical for programming growth rates
  • Nitrogen is derived from varied sources to reduce likelihood of growth surges - a good choice where consistent green speeds are expected
  • L-Amino Acids are added to stimulate protein production and enhance chelation of nutrients.
  • Sulfur Content improves availability of nutrients bound in alkaline soils - ideal for sand topdressed fairways
  • Manganese formulas do not stain turf like other chlorophyll stimulants - our brilliant green color enhances the look of fast & firm conditioning

ENVY 18 will donate $50.00 to Wee One Foundation for every 80 bags sold.


36-0-0 Iron Mix

Formulated for stimulating growth in early spring.

Designed to heal aerifier holes on greens.

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18-0-27 Potassium Mix

Formulated for correcting Potassium deficiency.

Designed to increase turfs winter hardiness.

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18-0-18 Fairway Mix

Supplies a balanced feeding for fairways. 

Formulated to ensure uniform growth.

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18-6-18 Green & Tee Mix

Supplies balanced feeding for greens & tees.

Designed to promote consistent green speeds.

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27-9-18 General Mix

Balanced feeding for greens, tees and fairways.


18-0-18 Manganese Mix

Formulated to correct Manganese deficiencies. 

Effective on turf with history of Summer Patch.

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